Translations, Interpreting and Editing

Standard and certified translations to or from English, consecutive interpreting, proofreading and editing.

Translations are divided into standard and certified (endorsed with a round stamp). The cost of standard translations is charged per source word based on the original text and the cost of a certified translation is charged pursuant to the SR Ministry of Justice Decree.

Apart from translations we provide tailored editing and localisation (adaptation of translation content to meet linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a specific target market) of texts and consecutive interpreting to or from English. As a special service we provide writing and proofreading of English CVs and covering letters.

Translations and Interpreting

  • Translation of technical manuals, standards, guidelines, web pages, promotional or advertising materials as well as literature texts and journal manuscripts. Translation of legal documents and contracts, financial and accounting statements, medical reports, pharmaceutical, technical and clinical studies.To eliminate syntactic or spelling errors, incorrect word order, or skipped text, we use the four-eyes principle for all our translations.

  • Consecutive interpreting is used for business meetings, diplomatic visits or telephone conversations. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter speaks and renders the message in the target language after the source-language speaker has finished a speech segment.

Certified Translations to or from English

  • Accredited certified translations to or from English performed directly and endorsed by a state-authorised translator. Agency fee free cost pursuant to the SR Ministry of Justice  Decree. 

  • Certified translations are supplied in paper form by tying an original/verified/standard copy of the source document and a printed copy of the requested (target) language translation with three-colour ribbon. The certified translation in paper form includes the translator’s clause, their official round seal print and signature. If the client also requires an electronic version of the translation, the cost is included within the price of the translation issued in paper form.

  • An electronic version of translation contains all the essentials of the translation issued in paper form, including the translator’s clause, round seal print and signature. We create it by scanning all pages of the translation into one PDF document, which we email to the client.

Proofreading and Editing

  • We offer three levels of English editing services based on the quality of English language and the client‘s requirements:

    Proofreading – This service is for manuscripts that have been written or edited by a native English speaker and are in the final stage of the submission process. Under Proofreading, we evaluate all aspects of the text including consistency, format, style, punctuation, and  grammar.

  • Copy-editing – This service is for authors with some experience in manuscript writing who seek native English proficiency for their manuscript. Under Copy-editing, we focus on correcting errors related to grammar, syntax, word choice, and sentence structure.

  • Bespoke editing – This service is for ESL authors who wish to publish in English language journals and for authors submitting a paper for the first time. Under Bespoke Editing, we not only concentrate on the language and syntax of the manuscript but also evaluate and edit the content and structure. This will significantly increase the probability of acceptance and publication in international arts, humanities, medical, technical, scientific and other professional journals.


Our rates start at € 0.048 per one source word for standard translation to or from English, which is approximately € 12 per one standard page. When ordering your translation in urgent terms or including graphic works, the cost may be subject to an additional fee.

Standard Translations

12 €

  • Five working days delivery
  • Translations to or from English
  • Cost based on the original text provided in advance
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Certified Translations

16 €

  • Short documents with a range of text under half standard page
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Certificates of permanent residence and police clearance certificates
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Consecutive Interpreting

100 €

  • Less than four hours of interpreting
  • Four to eight hours of interpreting x 2
  • Over eight hours of interpreting x 3
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The cost and delivery date will be sent to you as soon as possible. We will not begin translating until the quote has been confirmed. For more information please contact us by phone.

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