Proofreading and Editing

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We offer 3 levels of English editing services based on the quality of English language and the client‘s requirements. As a special service we provide tailored writing and proofreading of English CVs and covering letters.


This service is for manuscripts that have been written or edited by a native English speaker and are in the final stage of the submission process. Under Proofreading, we evaluate all aspects of the text including consistency, format, style, punctuation, and grammar.


This service is for authors with some experience in manuscript writing who seek native English proficiency for their manuscript. Under Copy-editing, we focus on correcting errors related to grammar, syntax, word choice, and sentence structure.

Bespoke editing

This service is for ESL authors who wish to publish in English language journals and for authors submitting a paper for the first time. Under Bespoke Editing, we not only concentrate on the language and syntax of the manuscript but also evaluate and edit the content and structure. This thereby significantly increases the probability of acceptance and publication in international technical, arts, humanities, medical, scientific and other professional journals.

English Language CV Writing

This service includes tailored writing and/or proofreading of English language CVs and covering letter based on the person’s qualifications, skills, experience, and references taking into consideration the position being applied for. Turnaround time is normally one week for the drafting of a CV and covering letter. The final edited version is provided as a PDF document or a professionally printed hard copy using high-quality paper.


We provide cost quotes for proofreading and editing services, as well as for English language CV and covering letter services as per the quality of the English language provided text and the required delivery terms.

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