Standard Translations

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Low-Cost Translations

Translation of technical manuals, standards, guidelines, web pages, promotional or advertising materials as well as literature texts and journal manuscripts.

Expert Translations

Translation of legal documents and contracts, financial and accounting statements, medical reports, pharmaceutical and clinical studies including proofreading and editing of translations by an expert in the related field.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used for business meetings, diplomatic visits or telephone conversations. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter speaks and renders the message in the target language after the source-language speaker has finished a speech segment. 


Cost of standard translations and text editing is charged per source word based on the original text thus allowing the client to calculate the final price in advance.

Low-Cost Translations from € 0.040.- / One (1) source word or € 10.- / One (1) standard page
Expert Translations from € 0.076.- / One (1) source word or € 19.- / One (1) standard page
Urgent Terms by agreement
BONUS 100 OUT = 10 IN € 10 discount on each € 100 order
Half Day Consecutive Interpreting (less than 4 hours) € 100.-
Full Day Consecutive Interpreting (less than 8 hours) € 200.-
Full Day Consecutive Interpreting (over 8 hours) € 300.-
Weekends and Public Holidays by agreement

Other Language Combinations

We provide professional translation and interpreting services in other languages in co-operation with our partner agency.
Feel free to contact us for details by email or telephone. 

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