Standard Translations

Low-cost standard as well as expert translation and interpreting services to/from English and from Czech to English. Specialised in legal, business, medical and technical translations. Accuracy, professionalism and value for money. We use SDL Trados.

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Certified Translations

Accredited certified translations to/from English performed directly and endorsed by a state-authorised translator. Agency fee free cost pursuant to the SR Ministry of Justice Decree No. 491/2004 Coll. on remuneration, reimbursement of costs and time of experts, interpreters and translators.

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Proofreading and Editing

Tailored editing and localisation (adaptation of translation content to meet linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a specific target market) of English texts. Writing and proofreading of English CVs and covering letters.

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Accounting Services

Accounting services in single and double-entry systems; processing of payroll and personnel agendas as well as business advisory services for small to medium-sized companies owned by individuals or legal entities. Company set-up / dissolution.

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Welcome to the EMERALD website!

We provide translation services, standard or licensed English translations and accounting services.

As a translation and accounting company, we have been operating in the Slovak market since 1999. We offer high quality, value for money services, from drawing on our knowledge of the languages of Central Europe and the English speaking world. 

  • EMERALDBasic

    Standard accounting and payroll administration services charged on the basis of accounting items calculation, or as a monthly flat fee for smaller and medium sized companies owned by individuals or legal entities 



Accounting And Tax Advice Provided To Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

We specialise in working with start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. Our customers value our friendly, flexible and practical approach to solving their accounting and tax needs. If you’re looking for a Piešťany accountant to help you with your tax returns and bookkeeping, please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.
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What They Said About Us II.

“Braňo, hello, I have the answer from the editorial that they have accepted the article without any further comments. We are very happy about it and we thank you and Mark for your excellent work. Please let Mark know about it and send him our kindest greetings. If we need something similar in the future, I will definitely contact you.” English Expert Article Editing
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Translator or Interpreter

The only difference between translation and interpreting is in the medium. The translator translates the required information from the source to the target language in a written form, while the interpreter renders it verbally.
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Emerald Cultural Institute

Learn English fast and effectively in Dublin, Ireland, where we provide the enrolment for year round adult and junior students language courses at the Emerald Cultural Institute.

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Tel/Fax: +421 (0) 33 772 9312